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What We Do


Based in Santa Barbara with a 12-acre flagship farm, we are designing our program for national impact through development of land stewardship models, education and training programs, value added products, and continued field research aimed at verifying, documenting and reproducing results.

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Land Stewardship

Through the principles of Regenerative Agriculture we are developing systems that support biodiversity, water resources, and soil health while enhancing ecosystems services at a watershed level on our flagship farm and additional acreage in the county.


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Education + Training

Through our WBLT Education and Training Programs we are working with educators, trainers, farmers, chefs, doctors, lawmakers, parents, and students to increase the ecological literacy of our community, and develop the capacity of current and aspiring land stewards in the field of regenerative agriculture. Learn more about each of these programs below.


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Scientific Research

Through our ongoing field studies we are monitoring the impacts of our practices to better understand the relationship between applied principles of regenerative agriculture and the indicators that will lead to repeatable desired outcomes in soil health, water resources, biodiversity, and economic health.