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From 1 acre to 1,000+

Through the principles of Regenerative Agriculture we are developing systems that support biodiversity, water resources, and soil health while enhancing ecosystems services at a watershed level from homestead parcels to broad-acre management.

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Our Flagship Farm

We are currently designing and developing our 12-acre flagship farm in Summerland, California, as an example of how a legacy avocado orchard can be transitioned into an integrated agricultural system.

At our Summerland ranch we are implementing the practices of multistrata agroforestry, animal integration, water reticulation earthworks, and compost production and application. Through these systems, we are focused on long-term carbon sequestration, integrated nutrient and pest management, drought and flood resilience, and soil health as it relates to food quality, human health, community health, and financial health.

We are working to implement a number of systems, including:

  • Bio-intensive, annual row-cropping system

  • Perennial fruit, nut, and legume orchard

  • Integrated animal systems

  • Water Harvesting earthworks

The Design

Each design and implementation decision supports our outcome driven approach to increase soil health, functional capacity, and carbon sequestration while decreasing long term water, fertilizer, insecticide, and pesticide inputs.

This has been a collaborative design between our Director of Land Stewardship, Jesse Smith, and our on-the-ground team from Regenerative Landscape Alliance.


Successful Stewardship

Successful land stewardship at WBLT optimizes yields from diverse cropping systems, minimizes inputs, increases resilience to climate volatility, improves the health and vitality of our farming and ranching communities, and produces nutrient dense produce and products.  

Furthermore we have our sights on land that will offer the opportunity to showcase broad-acre agroforestry, managed grazing, and watershed scale hydrological cycle regeneration.


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