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2019 Savory Hub Candidate

 We are honored to have been chosen as a Savory Hub Candidate.


What Does This Mean?

It means that our work in regenerative agriculture will now have amplified impact through the Savory Institute global network of 35 hubs and growing..png

What is a Savory Hub? 


Started by Allan Savory, founder of the Savory Institute, Hubs are "Holistic Management training, learning and demonstration sites" that:

  • Offer accredited workshops and training programs in Holistic Management.

  • Form a global network committed to creating an abundance for the people and places of each region where hubs are located.

  • Track biological, social, and financial impacts.

  • Provide Ecological Outcome Verification to support the Savory Land to Market program.

“Holistic Management restores grasslands. Healthy grasslands lead to carbon sequestration, drought resilience, food security, and financially viable communities. At Savory, we believe the solution to these pressing world issues is that management of our land, livestock, and people must be holistic.”
— Allan Savory


How does Holistic Management support our impact?


As we work to regenerate landscapes, and provide training and access to current and future land stewards, the frameworks of Holistic Management provide a path for others to develop their businesses and landscapes in a systemic way. We see the Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) protocol, developed by the Savory Institute, as a key step in our development of exemplary products that support healthy ecosystem function, due to the differentiation it provides within the marketplace.


Our Next Steps


Now that we have been selected as a candidate, we have begun the process of accreditation with the Savory Institute, which includes our team attending Hub Leadership courses and becoming accredited Savory professionals. Our goal is to become a fully accredited Hub by the end of 2019.

By becoming a part of this international network, we are catalyzing the impact of Holistic Management and regenerative agriculture that will continue to inspire and incite change at a regional and global scale.

We are especially grateful to the Community Environmental Council for their generous support through the Santa Barbara Foundation Leaf Initiative.

Interested in Becoming a Land Steward?