Chosen for the CA Healthy Soils Initiative

Awarded for Regeneration

White Buffalo Land Trust has been selected by the California Department of Food and Agriculture as an award recipient of the Healthy Soils Initiative. Through annual soil monitoring and working closely with the Healthy Soils team over the next 3 years, White Buffalo Land Trust will use the $98,000 grant to accomplish the following:

  • Lead by demonstration, establishing a research and learning site that is contextually relevant for California’s central and southern bio-regions.

  • Develop and provide on-site trainings with other farmers, ranchers and community members to continue the growth of ecological literacy in our region.

  • Monitor the impacts of our regenerative agriculture principles, practices and techniques on the landscape through rigorous data collection and study.

  • Sequester an estimated 43.1 tons of Carbon over the course of the project.

As a demonstration and training site, we will have the opportunity to lead the growing number of farmers and ranchers seeking a new style of agriculture, one that builds soil health rather than depleting it.

We look forward to cultivating and collaborating with an engaged community of stakeholders and land stewards as we fulfill the work of this award.


Featured in Pacific Coast Business Times

"The Healthy Soils project provides baseline data that will be compared each spring to measure the changes in key indicators like soil organic carbon, nutrients and microbial activity. Having received more than $98,000 from the initiative, the White Buffalo project is expected to sequester 43.1 tons of carbon and will also serve as a Healthy Soils demonstration site."

Thank you to Marissa Nall for sharing more about White Buffalo Land Trust and what this award means for our region.


Thank you SB Foundation and CEC!

Earlier this year we were awarded a LEAF (Landscapes, Ecosystems, Agriculture, Food Systems) express grant to grow our capacity as a key contributor to our local food system. We put our award to work in the form of a utility trailer that increases our ability to participate in the nutrient cycling systems in our community. Our on-farm composting increases soil health, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Thank you for supporting our development!